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how to add users to google analytics

Google rules the net, so adding its analytics tool to your repertoire can help expand your web of job opportunities. knowing your way around the platform isn’t enough to impress employers, however..Question: How Do I Add An Admin or User To My google analytics account? Often with our clients, we need to start out by getting information about their site using Google Analytics. While we frequently set up analytics for clients, we often also need to access a Google Analytics account that has already been set up. · Now we need to get to the Admin section of the view. To get there, look at the menu on left-hand side then look at the very bottom, you’ll see the Admin option. A point of note is that the Admin option will remain there no matter where you are in Analytics which is.First, you need to log in to an account that has manage users rights on your Analytics setup. Go to, and log in with your Google ID (which might be a gmail address, but it’s more likely, if this is a business Analytics account, that it’s your business email).

Original video found at Analytics User ID and understanding people's behavior. Then select ' custom dimensions' and click 'Add New Custom Dimension'.In Google Analytics, you can add users at the account, property, or view level. The level at which you add a user determines that user’s initial access. For example, if you add a user at the account level, then that user also has access to all the properties and views in the account, with the same set of permissions.Add the tracking code to your website. Copy the tracking code and paste it into the HTML of your web page just before the closing head tag. verify your tracking code works properly. To make sure Google Analytics will begin tracking your website data, return to the Overview page that shows your website accounts.Adding Non Gmail Users to Permissions.. But my query is that, How can I assign access to a non-Gmail user to my Google analytics account? He doesn’t have a Gmail account but I have to grant access to him to edit my Google analytics data and all. Can you suggest any?